Person #12

Thanks to a query from the Davidson Leader newspaper (, we have discovered this photograph was originally published in the local history book, Prairie Tapestry.

On the heels of an incredible skating medal in Vancouver, it seems suitable to post an unidentified skating team. This photograph of a senior girls’ figure skating class was taken at Davidson, Saskatchewan. Can you identify any of these young women?

Saskatchewan Archives (R-B10854)

Date: 1950

Location: Davidson

Subjects: “Rhythm Blades” — First Row: Doris Hodgins, Pearl Bygrave, Betty Laird, Betty Sulz, Jean Sellers, Elaine Lund, Shirley Herman; Second Row: Verlee Lund, Joan Ketcheson, Marnie Mundt, Shirley Reich, Marian Sellers, Fern Holder.

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Person #11

Below is a series of photographs of curlers at the Caledonia Curling Club in Regina.  We’re putting the series up in the hope that a few angles on the faces will help make them more recognizable.

Saskatchewan Archives (R-B5427(1))

Saskatchewan Archives (R-B5427(2))

Saskatchewan Archives (R-B5427(4))

Hurry, hurry hard!

Date: ?

Subject: ?

Location: Caledonia Curling Club, Regina, SK

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Person #10

Today is Heritage Day in Canada. To celebrate the Heritage of Sport and Recreation and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, we will be posting a few extra photographs related to winter sports and recreational activities for the next two weeks.

Saskatchewan Archives Board, StarPhoenix Collection (S-SP-B13821)

This photograph of the St. Goretti School hockey team from Saskatoon was taken on April 4, 1960, by a StarPhoenix photographer. Did the boy in the Maple Leafs sweater on this team have as much trouble as the boy in Roch Carrier’s classic short story “The Hockey Sweater”? This photograph was included in our exhibit at the Saskatoon Heritage Festival on February 7, 2010, but no one who visited that day recognized any of the players or coaches.

Date: April 4, 1960

Location:  St. Goretti School, Saskatoon

Subjects: ?

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Person #9

Saskatchewan Archives Board (S-B9035)

These compelling young men were photographed by Frank Crean. The photo was taken during Crean’s 1909 expedition for the Canadian government; he was assessing the suitability of land in north-central Saskatchewan for agricultural settlement. The photograph was taken in the Waterhen Lake area, and while the photograph has been seen in Saskatchewan history books before, the two men have never been identified.

Date: July 1909

Location: Waterhen Lake

Subjects: ?

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Location #6

Saskatchewan Archives Board (R-A327)

Welcome to the “Hotel We….”. We are hoping that that partial name, along with the unique construction of this building, will help us identify this building and its location.

The photo is credited to the Department of Highways. Unfortunately, as Saskatchewan has 190,000 KM of roads — incidentally, the most road surface per capita of any jurisdiction in the world — this does not help us narrow down the potential location much.

Date: ?

Location: ?

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Person #8

These picnickers have created a truly exceptional table for their meal at Round Lake in Saskatchewan. We do not know who any of the individuals are, so if you know anyone who might have been in the Round Lake area at that time, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you would like to see more people in similar clothing, you should check out the parade at the Saskatoon Heritage Festival, held tomorrow at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.

Date: ?

Location: Round Lake, Saskatchewan

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Person #7

Saskatchewan Archives Board (S-B11851)

This fascinating photograph was taken inside T.H.J. Charmbury’s photo studio in Prince Albert, circa 1900-1910. The photo was found in the Charmbury fonds but the man was not identified.

Date: 1900-1910

Location: T.H.J. Charmbury’s studio, Prince Albert

Subject: ?

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Location #5

Saskatchewan Archives Board (S-B2204)

This photograph was donated with the Cameron Ross McIntosh papers. Cameron McIntosh came to Saskatchewan in 1911. He owned several newspapers in North Battleford, other smaller weekly newspapers in the surrounding area, and radio stations. He was also elected a Liberal MP for the Battlefords from 1925 to 1940.

With that historical context, this unidentified building may be from the Battlefords area, or potentially from Ottawa. If you click on the photograph a larger version will open. The car visible in the bottom centre of photograph may help us establish an earliest possible date.

Date: 1949-1959 ?

Location: Notre Dame Hospital, North Battleford

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Person #6

Saskatchewan Archives Board (S-B3761).

These handsome young men are the Battleford Collegiate Institute Hockey Champions, 1927-1928. If you might recognize any of these young athletes or their coach, please enter it in the comments below. And if you’d like to learn more about BCI, please visit their website:

Date: 1928

Location: Battleford

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Location #4

This photograph is a streetscape with several distinctive buildings in it. Can you recognize any of the buildings or the city?

Saskatchewan Archives Board (Accession R78-404)

Date: Between 1912 and January 15, 1953

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

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